Code of Conduct and Participation Agreement

Italian Cars + Coffee of Coachella Valley (IC&C) is an organic, coming together of like-minded Italian Car enthusiasts founded by Greg Morris and Francis G. Mandarano.  Our small group has grown from 4 or 5 cars in our first season (2018) to over 30 cars this season.  We anticipate more growth as the word spreads.

It is important for those who participate in our events to understand and agree to certain codes of conduct, and terms of participation.

  • No burnouts, no revving your engines, no touching or opening cars that don’t belong to you.
  • Non-Italian Cars that are specially defined by IC&C, require permission from the organizers and can be accepted as a “Guest”.
  • No overt solicitation or for sale signs.

Finances & Budget

IC&C’s expenses are projected to be approximately $490.00 for the 2018-2019 season.  Fees collected to date is $390.00.  Expense shortages plus 2019-2020 budget to be assessed at the beginning of next season, prorated between the number of attendees signed up. 

Insurance & Liability

Greg and Frank have a strong dislike for this next discussion but know that it is a very real part of todays litigious society, so here it goes.

We strongly advise all of you to understand the benefits of insurance.  It’s a state law to have an auto policy in force when in use.  In addition, we encourage you to carry an umbrella policy to cover you in the event of any liability you may encounter.  Furthermore, before taking your car on an official racetrack we highly recommend you check with your insurance company to understand the limits of coverage.

As a condition of your participation in Italian Cars + Coffee by signing this Agreement, you understand these risks and are agreeable.  In addition, you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Greg Morris and Frank Mandarano, as well as others who may assist them from time to time, from any and all claims arising out of your participation in, attendance at, any and all Italian Cars + Coffee events.